Friday, December 2, 2011


Daily morning I spend some time thinking about what to cook and especially on sunday's I wanted something very simple so that I don’t have to stand long hours in front of the stove. This is one such item that I tried with leftover chicken tikka which we ordered the previous night. I wanted to keep it as simple one pot meal sauted with mild indian spices. I served with cabbage stir fry which I felt was best combi with chicken tikka rice.


1 Cup Cooked Rice.

1/2 Cup Shredded Chicken tikka pieces.

1 Onion.

2 tbsp Tomato puree.

1 tbsp Ginger Garlic piece.

1 tsp Red chilli pd.

1/2 tsp Mustard seeds.

2 tbl Coriander leaves.

Pinch of garam masala.

2 tsp Oil.

Salt to taste.


Heat oil and temper with mustard seeds. Then add onion, ginger- garlic paste, and fry for couple of minutes. Add tomatoes puree,salt, chilli powder and garam masala mix well and let it cook for few minutes. Add chicken tikka pieces, coriander leaves and saute well. Finally add cooked rice. Cover for about 5 min.

Serve hot with ur fav veggie.

Enjoy !!

Friday, November 18, 2011


I never know using pomegrante, shakes can be prepared until unless my hubby prepared for me this delight. I could proudly say I am learning new things from my hubby itself :) Its very simple and easy to prepare in no time. Its the best cooling beverage for all especially for kids as its very useful for them because it increases memory power, contains vitamins B, C along with folic acid and also has excellent antioxidant properties.

One more tip to enjoy this heavenly drink is to have it with a single or double scoop of vanilla icecream. Isn't that yummyyyyy :)


2 Cups De seeded Pomegrante.

1 Cup Chilled Milk.

Sugar as per taste.

4 to 5 Almonds.


First soak almonds in half cup of hot milk for about half an hour. Remove its skin and keep it aside. Blend all the ingredients plus almonds together in a mixer for about 1 min.

Serve it chilled. Garnish accordingly.


For much more healthier version instead of adding normal milk try adding soya milk. Its extra good for you.

Enjoy !!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


One of my fav sweet are the Rasgullas with a cute look also with the extra soft texture. My mom always buy this for me on my b day right from my childhood. I am just crazy of rasgullas. Muaaah

Once when my friend intended that hez gonna try rasgullas referring one site which he forwarded to me through mail, I felt sooo excited because that site belonged to none other than one of my fav blogger ''Raks kitchen''. I have tried so many recipe of her that I have no words to express about her cooking. U just rock rak's :) I will always be ur fan yaar.

Now back to the recipe, today being my fatherinlaw's b day who is a dessert lover, I prepared this yummious awesome dish. Really guys, I never dreamt about this making at home. I must say it was just perfect and was according to my expectation. For the recipe click 'here'. I must really thank raks a ton for this :) Thank u Raks. Lots of hugs to u dear :)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Cauliflower is every one's fav veggie. These days even kids specially my daughter prefer having her fav chinese type ''Gobi manchurian'' or the sabzi with lots of masala's the most. Its OK up to a level but not always.

This umman is something different from all those masala type. Its the best com bi with dosa and idlies. I offen make this when I find very less quantity of cauliflower in fridge. One thing I like in this is the crunchiness of the veggie because its half cooked and it tastes superb when its mixed up with Indian spices with a tangy touch. Its quick and easy to make within no time. You can also replace cauliflower with ladysfinger (Bindi). Its tastes great too :)


Few Cauliflower Florets.

7 to 8 Dried Red chilli.

Pinch of Hing.

1 tbsp Tamarind Extract.

1 tsp Mustard seeds.

1/2 tsp Jeera.

1/2 tsp Turmeric pd.

Few curry leaves.

Water as per needed.

Salt to taste.



Fry red chillies with a tsp of oil till u get a nice aroma of fried chilli. Grind them with tamarind extract adding water into a fine chilli paste. Meanwhile wash and clean the cauliflower florets. Sprinkle with salt and keep it aside.

Heat oil in a pan. Add the florets and fry under medium heat for about 5 to 6 min. Makesure its not cooked thoroughly. Half cooked florets tastes too good :) Transfer them on a plate once its done.

On a same pan add extra oil. Season with mustard seeds, jeera and curry leaves. Add turmeric pd and chilli paste with adequate amount of water and bring them to boil. Adjust salt according to taste. Sprinkle with hing and atlast add the fried cauliflower florets. Drizzle with a spoon of coconut oil and serve hot with dosa.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Jaggery juice is very comforting and a very unique healthy drink. At the time of temple festivals, we can c people distributing this as a refreshment. Jaggery have a good amount of minerals, iron and is considered as energy food both for adults and for kids. It also helps in giving relief from constipation, maintain blood pressure , reduces water retention in the body so controls weight of the body, helps in preventing breathing problems and asthma and many more. It is said that giving ragi porridge mixed with jaggery syrup are very healthy for infants. Infact we have them still at home. I just love them.

Now coming back with recipe, I make jaggery syrup and store in fridge so that at the time of sudden, I could just mix up with water and relish. Let me share u recipe now. There is no approximate measurement for this. I bet u too will enjoy a lot.




Grated dry Ginger or Powdered Cardamons.

( Adding water should be half of the jaggery quantity)


Add jaggery with limited amount of water and bring them to boil. Its just enough till all the jaggery melts and dissolves. Now add grated dry ginger or cardamom pd and stir. Strain them and store it in a well cleaned container.

Use it pouring enough water and serve chill.

Enjoy !!

Monday, July 4, 2011

RAAGI APPO ( raagi paniyaram)

Raagi are the most nutritious food and one of the easy one to digest. Its rich in calcium, protein and also have a good amount iron and many more health benefits. It is known as one of the popular food among diabetic patients. Its is said that having ragi with buttermilk removes heat from the body. Yes it is true. Now coming back with the recipe -'' Ragi appo's'' a healthy treat for a sweet lovers :) We usually prepare ragi porridge, ragi idly plus dosa, ragi puttu which are all comfort tummy full foodies. My motherinlaw and I wanted to try some different dish which looks unique, easy and filling. Thus ended up finally with this lip smacking delight.

In this recipe I have used instant raagi powder which is indeed when mix with warm water makes somwhat sticky, so in order to look it firm I added milk and wheat flour. I would like to mention that quantity of water which I have mentioned is approximate. According to consistency, add more or less :) Hey guys, one more tip is you can add fried coconut small piece into the batter. Just will just double its taste :)


1 Cup Raagi powder.

1/2 Cup Coconut.

1 Cup Jaggery( more or less)

1 Ripe Banana.

3 Powdered Cardamons.

1/2 Cup Wheat flour.

1/2 Cup warm water or plus.

1/4 Cup of milk.

Pinch of cardamom powder.



First drop in ragi into bowl. Mix warm water and stir well. Leave it for about half an hour just to get off its raw flavour.

Meanwhile grind coconut, jaggery and banana with milk for about 2 min in a blender. Then pour it into ragi mixture and stir. Then drop in wheat flour and atlast sprinkle them with cardamom pd & a teaspoon of ghee. If the consistency is too thick then add water as needed. Let the batter be sit for about 2 hours.

Smear the paniyaram griddle with oil.. Pour a spoonful of batter and fry till they turn into golden brown colour. Cook it on low heat till it gets cooked and turns crispy. Slowly turn them over and cook on other side as well.


Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is something that I love to prepared when I find my ripe mangoes a bit tangy at the same time sweet. This dish just covers all rounded flavours like its sweet,sour ,tangy and spicy too. It brings out the traditional flavour when its tempered with the Indian seasoning. The thing I love the most is the taste of black crushed peppers corns in it. It just spice up my throat :)

My fatherinlaw (lover of sweets) adore to have this curry with steamed rice and nothing else he would prefer along with this combi. So guys do try this recipe and please let me know ur opinion for sure. :) I bet u all would just love it.


2 Mangoes.

1 Cup Jaggery.

2 tbsp Raw Rice.

3 Dried Red chillies.

1 tbsp Crushed Black peppercorns.

1 tsp Mustard seeds.

1 tsp Jeera.

Few Curry leaves.

1 tbsp Coconut oil.

Salt a pinch.

Water nearly 2 cups or plus.


Firstly soak rice nearly for 40 min. In a pan dry fry dried red chilli and peppercorns separately. Make sure it does not burnt. Now blend the soaked rice with dried fried red chilly. Add water as per needed. Finally add the peppercorns and give a quick grind so that its not finely powdered but like a crushed process. Keep it aside.

Meanwhile wash Mangoes thoroughly and cut them into medium size chunks. Place them into cooking vessel with adequate water.

Put Jaggery piece and allow it to sit for about half an hour. This will make jaggery melts soon.

Later bring them to boil and Sim until the mangoes are well cooked. Then add the blended mixture and stir adding a pinch of salt according to taste. Remove from flame.

Last but not the least. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds followed by jeera and curry leaves. Fry them and pour it on to the 'AMBE UMMAN' (SWEET MANGO CURRY).

Serve hot hot.


Adding soaked grinding rice helps gravy to thicken.


Monday, June 13, 2011


This is my hubby's latest trial recipe which was just superhit. Whenever we go to restaurants, he order kaju masala for himself with onion kulcha or butter naan. Indeed its a nice combo right? Now coming back with the point, the thing which made me surprise was he did this soon after he came from office and within 15 to 20 min maximum he prepared this recipe. Quantity was less but for 3 people its more than enough when therez salad too on its side with hot hot chappati. Therez only 1 demerit and ie he adds extra butter and ghee to his preparation which tastes fab but on other side when u think of health wise, its extra extra cholestrolly oily food. But he convince me saying once in a while its ok having such delicious, tasty food :) hehehehe. To satisfy our taste buds once in a while tho chaltha hai :)) This recipe has become one of our fav :)

So lets dig into this recipe..


10 to 15 Whole Cashewnuts.

2 Medium size Onions.

2 Juicy Tomatoes.

1/2 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste.

2 tsp Kashmiri chilli pd.

1 tsp Turmeric pd.

1 tbsp Coriander pd.

1 1/2 tbsp Garam masala pd.

1/2 tsp Jeera pd.

Dried Kasuri methi to sprinkle.

1 Cup Milk.

1/4 Cup Fresh cream.

1 tbsp ghee.

1 Stick Butter.

Salt to taste.


Heat ghee in a kadai and fry cashew nuts till its raw smell disappears. Keep it aside.

Blend tomatoes plus half of onion in a mixer without adding water and keep a aside.

Heat butter and fry finely chopped onions till brown. Add ginger garlic paste and fry again. Add tomato onion puree and bring them to boil. Then drop in red chilli pd, turmeric pd, garam masala pd, jeera pd, coriander pd and fry them till it becomes thick consistency.

Then add little amount of water, salt , milk and bring it boil stirring occasionally. At this time add fried cashewnuts and remove from flame.

At the time of serving, drop in fresh cream and sprinkle the gravy with kasuri methi.

Serve hot with chappati, naan.


Monday, May 30, 2011


Its been long I have updated a drink. So herez presenting a very healthy veggy drink where not even adults but the kids who dont like to have carrots, will adore this drink a loot. My kiddo just love this :) So try this on ur kiddo and do share with me the final results :))


3 Grated Carrots.

1 Cup Water or Ice cubes.

Sugar as per taste.

1 tbsp Lemon juice.


Blend everthing in a mixie for about 1 min. Strain the mixture. Add lemon juice and serve cooooooool.

Garnish glass as u like :)


Thursday, May 19, 2011


Fish curry as u all know all time my favourite item that I could skip anything for fish. Just I can have as it is or with steamed rice indeed. This is somthing new I tried with silver fish which has came out too good with minimum number of ingredients and also within no time :) So go on with this recipe and do try it soon.


15 to 17 Silver fish.

1 tbsp Ginger- Garlic paste.

2 tbsp Kashmiri Chilli pd.

1 tsp Turmeric pd.

1/2 tsp Coriander pd.

1/4 cup Tamarind water.

Water as per needed.

1 tbsp Coconut oil.

Salt to taste.


Clean silver fish and marinate them with salt. Keep it aside.

Heat oil in a kadai. Fry ginger garlic paste till raw smell disappear. Then add chilli pd, turmeric pd and coriander pd. Once all the powders are fried, add tamarind water. Pour water as per needed and bring to boil. Add salt to taste. At this stage add silver fish. Cover the kadai with a lid and cook for 5 min under low flame.

Hot hot fish curry is ready to serve. Before having dont forget to drizzle them with a spoon of coconut oil. Its taste dam good.


Sunday, March 27, 2011


These are the tried and super hit tasted recipes from my blogger friends. Thanks guys for such a wonderful dish and I truly appreciate everyone.


This is pretty interesting dish from''RAKS KITCHEN'' that I have come across. Instead I am huge fan of her and have tried many of her recipes that most of them have rocked :)

I love coriander leaves and no doubt her thogayal was just incredible. It pairs a lot with idlies or dosa. Its really true saying that, using fresh coriander leaves for grinding gives a better flavour than the cooked once and I have experienced it. Thanks raks for such a tasty dish.


Heres comes the next healthy rice variety. Sprouts are rich sources of proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc. I mostly use them in salads or in curries. But this is the first time I tried this awesome recipe ie sprouts mixed with rice from ''AAYI'S RECIPE'' . Its super simple to prepare within no time and this is what I love. My family really loved it and I particularly relished with onion raita. Thanks shilpa for this healthy dish :)


I am mad of pickles but I am not good at making pickles. But when I came across ''APSKITCHEN'' her vegetable pickles click just made me drool and forcefully took me into my kitchen and thus u can c my following snap. hehehe...I did it same as per her instructions given without any modification.

Last but not the least, pickles obviously tastes good with curd rice but guys, just try once with a drizzle of cooking oil on the top of this pickles with dosas. Haaaaaaai its just heavenly man...

Thanks yaar apoo..ek dam mast pickle tha.

Enjoy !!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Whenever the day 'Sunday' comes into mind, for me it reminds of my family together specially with my hubby and some special foodies. So let me share with you one of my, not only mine, but our family's special menu spicy veg biriyani which is just lips smacking one. The crispy veggies with a touch of tangy yogurt flavour coated with Indian spice with flavoured rice is the main speciality for this biriyani. Non veggies can add shredded chicken to make a different chicken biriyani whereas fish lovers can add marinated fried fish pieces at last stage of biriyani. Wooo my taste buds just tickles when I think of fish biriyani :)


1 Cup Biriyani rice.

1 Stick Cinnamon.

2 Cloves.

1 Star anise.

Bay leaves.

1 1/2 Cup Water.

Salt to taste.


4 Cloves.

1 Stick Cinnamon.

2 Star anise.

2 Elachi.

4 Black peppers.


1 1/2 Cup Vegetables. ( Carrots, beans, capsicum, cauliflower florets, potato, and peas)

1 Big Onion.

1 Tomato.

1 tbsp Chilli pd.

1 tsp Turmeric pd.

1 tsp Jeera pd.

1/4 Cup Yogurt.

1 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste.

1 tsp Green chilli paste.

1/2 tsp White pepper.

1 tsp Lime juice.

1 tbsp Oil.

Salt to taste.


Fried Cashews.

Fried Onions.(coated with besan and salt)

Coriander leaves.


Cook rice in pressure cooker adding all the ingredients given. Keep it aside soon its done or u can also spread the cooked rice on a plate.

Grind the whole spice in a blender and keep it aside.

Heat oil in a pan. Add green chilli paste , ginger garlic paste and whole spice masala pd and fry until the raw smell disapper. Then add onions and saute for a min followed by chopped vegetables and tomatoes with a pinch of salt. Make sure not to add water. The addition of salt is more than enough to cook the vegetable and also to make it crisp. Mix in chilli pd, turmeric pd, jeera pd, and white pepper lastly.

Then add yogurt and give it a nice stir. Now pour in half of cooked rice and mix. Later add another half and mix well so that the masala is all over covered with rice. Remove from flame and transfer into the serving vessel.

Heat ghee in a pan and fry cashews and kismish till brown. Then shallow fry the onions which is coated with besan and salt till it turns brown and crisp.

Garnish the nuts , fried onions and finally with coriander leaves and serve hot with ur fav raita.


Monday, February 28, 2011


Hey guys! Hope all r fit and fine. Me had a full time enjoyment with my parents and had a wonderful fun time on feb 14 my daughter 'SMERA'S birthday. She turned 5 and she was soo excited to celebrate her special day with us and with her loving grandparents. It was truly a memorable day :)

Now coming back with the main topic. So sterday as we were browsing TV channels, suddenly came upon one recipe named 'WATERMELON JELLY'. After cing that my hubby was soo interested in trying that v prepared sterday itself. Believe me guys, that was soo quick on time with less ingredients. And finally the taste was just too yummy with a very soft texture and looks elegant. Kids would just love as it has the bright colour of watermelon. Also I amgonna try the same procedure with pineapple. So what are u waiting for? Just try this to impress ur loving kiddos :)


2 1/2 Cup Watermelon juice. [4 tsp sugar added] Blend them without adding water.

2 tbsp Gelatin.

1 1/2 Cup Water.


Keep aside the prepared watermelon juice.

Dissolve 2 tbsp of gelatin in half cup of cold water. Let it sit for 5 to 6 min.

Then in a pan, boil remaining 1 cup of water or micro for 2 min. Add boiling water into the gelatin mixture and give it a quick stir.

Then add this into watermelon juice. In a cleaned vessel, transfer the whole mixture.

Refrigerate for about 40 to 45 min or until its set.

Cut them into desired shapes and serve cold.


Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is one my favourite and authentic traditional konkani item known as 'AMBATTI'. This is prepared only when therez red spinach available. I feel the taste of red one is much more tastier than green. hehehe. This dish enhance the flavour of curd along with the grounded coconut mixture with mild spice. I am sure ur all gonna love this.


1 Bunch Red spinach.

1/2 Cup Grated coconut.

1 Dried Red chilli.

1/2 tsp Turmeric Pd.

1/2 Cup Curd.

1 tsp Mustard seeds.

1/2 tsp Jeera.

1 tsp Oil.

Few Curry leaf.

Salt to taste.


Clean the spinach Chop them finely.

Heat oil in a pan. Season them with mustard seeds, jeera, curry leaf and add spinach with salt and let it cook for a min. Meanwhile grind the coconut with turmeric pd and red chilli adding enough water.

When the spinach is cooked, add the coconut mixture and bring them to boil. Remove from flame and lastly add curd and stir.

Serve hot with rice.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sprouts are the best and healthy diet food for adults as well as kids. When it comes to a mixed sprouts, then therez nothing else to defeat with rest as its superb duper healthy dish. This is my mom's recipe which she prepares of fen for lunch. The flavour which I like the most is the flavour of roasted coconut which is mixed at the end of the dish. Woo believe me guys its a nice aromatic flavour u get. For this recipe seasoning is not necessary but if possible can do it with simple mustard seeds, jeera and curry leaf with coconut oil for a extra taste :) It also goes well with chappati too.


1 1/2 Cup Mixed Sprouts.(I added Green gram, Black channa, Black eye beans, Green peas, White peas)

1/2 Cup Grated Coconut.

1/2 tsp Turmeric Pd.

2 Dried red chillies.

1 tsp Rice powder.

2 tbsp Grated coconut for roasting.

Water as per needed.

Salt to taste.



Pressure cook the mixed sprouts and keep it aside.

Grind the coconuts, turmeric, rice pd and red chilly into fine paste adding enough water.

Heat Oil in a kadai. Season them with mustard seeds, jeera and curry leaves and add cooked sprouts Add enough water with salt and bring them to boil. Later add the grounded mixture and stir. Close with a lid for about 2 min and remove from flame.

In another pan, put 1 tsp of oil and add grated coconut. Roast them till it turns brown colour and pour it into the curry.

Garnish with fresh curry leaf.

Serve hot with rice.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is the recipe I tried from one of my favorite, talented blogger from ''RAKS KITCHEN''. Since the day I saw her vegetable kurma, I was in full enthuse to prepare that to satisfy my tasty buds and finally done. It was soo tasty and the best what I liked was the creamy texture of the grinded cashew was just heavenly. For the ingredients click '' here'' . I really adore her clicks which are very neat with awesome presentation. Thanks for this recipe dear. I have lots of recipes bookmarked which I will surly try and post them :)

Enjoy !!

Saturday, January 1, 2011