Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hey Dear Bloggers, Hope all are doing good. Sorry guys for not posting my recipes regularly as I was busy with my schedules plus my daughter smera. Her summer vocation has started and u know if kids are at home, then no time to spend with laptops :) . Also busy in shopping and packing as we are gonna leave to mumbai on april 17 to spend our summer vacation at my mom's place. Hip Hip Hurrayyy .... :) So due to that thrill of visitng my parents, frankly speaking another reason was I feel lazy to write blog too :) Hope u all could know my excitement how it would be for me.

I guess most of u guys also have planned for some outing on summer vacation. Enjoy all and have lots of fun just like me as I am gonna relax, sleep any time I want, watch smera enjoying with my family members and last but not the least having my mom's, aunt's delicious food and specially waiting to taste my ''GRANNY'S'' and ''UNCLE'S'' special recipes. Yummm...Also so000000 happy to celebrate my 'BIRTHDAY' on april 19 with them. But only thing I am gonna miss my hubby and inlaws on that day. But thats ok. I know I am always being loved and blessed with them.

So guys I am gonna miss all ur recipe and will try to keep on eye after returning from my journey. So till then


Love U all :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


These are the tried recipe which inspired me to make while visiting my friends wonderful blog. All I did was good in taste at the same time was very easy and simple to make.


This is a side dish of brinjal mixed with chutney powder with a addition of variety of spices, and toasted coconut and lentils. Its a konkani recipe and I did it when I saw ''RANJI'S BLOG''. She have explained the ingredients very clearly that I was jsut tempted to have that upkari from her click itself. Click here for the recipe.


This is also a konkani version chutney made with ridge gourd skin. I almost have forgotten about this chutney if I would not have visited ''SHILPA'S BLOG''. She is amazing cook having lots of konkani's recipe plus many more unique one. The chutney was very yummy. Please click here for ingredients. I have done a slight variation adding 1/4 cup roasted coriander seeds, 1 tsp grated ginger and 2 stings of curry leaves which have changed my chutney colour into slight green. Thanks shilpa for the best chutney recipe.


I was in hunt of recipe using garlic. I was browsing at one of fav blogger ''CHAM'' when I came across raw garlic chutney. The ingredients was so simple that it just took 2 to 3 min to get over this wonderful delicious chutney. Click here for the recipe. Thanks a lot cham. Hugs to you :)

Enjoy !!