Thursday, December 17, 2009


This is the best salad I have ever tasted and y not when its prepared by loving hubby? As I have mentioned before, whenever he finds free time, hez surly in hunt of unique recipe and currently he had prepared this salad adding eggs as a main ingredients. This salad is the mixture of fresh veggies marinated with 1 of our favourite item mayonnaise and then make it extra special on each bite adding the crunchess flavour of roasted peanuts. No exact measurment needed, as anything can be added more or less whatever you need. It can be varied according to ones taste.


Boiled eggs -2

Mayonnaies - 2 tbsp.




Grated Carrots.

Grated Cabbage.

Roasted Peanuts.

Salt and pepper to taste.

(Additional veggies can alos be added like lettuce , radish , fresh corn kernels , coloured bell peppers , also sprouts)


Chop the veggie into small size and eggs into a big chunks. Season veggies with salt and pepper. At the time of serving add mayonnies and then eggs. This makes the salad dry and avoid excess of water.

Garnish with roasted peanuts and serve chill.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Mooliku is the sweet fried item prepared with moong with the combination of jaggery and coconut. It is served as a prasadam at one of our family temple. This recipe is quite simple and can be done with in a short period. Its so crispy outside and so soft inside. Whenever therez leftover cooked moong, I end up preparing this tasty mooliku.

1 Cup Cooked Moong.

1/2 Cup Grated Coconut.

3 to 4 Medium Cubed Jaggery.

Pinch of Cardamom pd.

Water as per needed.

1 tsp Ghee.


1/2 Cup Rice pd.

Water as per needed.

Pinch of Soda and Salt.

Oil for deep fry.


Heat a pan. Put jaggery and few drops of water. Keep on stiring until jaggery melts. Strain them.

In another pan, add the jaggery syrup and coconut. Saute for a while. Add the cooked moong and cardamom pd. Keep stirring until all its liquids evaporates. Lastly add ghee on its surrounding of the mixture and fry them for few min. (Make sure it does not fry for long as it would be harder later). Remove from flame and allow to cool. Make a small balls out of it and place them on a plate.

A closer snap.

In a bowl, add the rice flour, soda pd, salt with adequate amount of water. The consistency must be thin. Dip each balls into rice flour mixture and deep fry till its crispy. (No need to make them brown)

Place them on tissue papper and serve hot.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Phagil is a type of veggie which is prepared as a fried item in mangalorean cuisine. I had no idea before what they prepare of it nor, I dont know its name either. Its the first time I had at my sister's in law home and surly I do loved them. When ''Aparna of aps kitchen'' posted that recipe, I was soo crazed looking at her picture that I was just enough inspired preparing that at home. I truly enjoyed making them and end result came out superb. The changes I made is instead of soaked rice and whole red chillies, I altered rice flour and chilli powder. Therez no exact measurement for this. You can use more or less based upon the quantity and as per taste. Have a look.


5 to 6 Phagil.

Chilli Powder.

Turmeric Powder.


Salt to taste.

Rice flour for coating at end.

Oil for deep fry.


Make a thin slice of Phagil shown as below.

Mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl except rice flour and marinate them on both the sides of slice. Lastly sprinkle them with adequate rice flour and allow them to rest for half an hour.

Heat oil in pan. Deep fry them till its crispy brown.

Serve hot.


'BABLI' has passed me one wonderful award ie ''THE 2009 BLOGGER APPRECIATION AWARDS''. Thank you soo much for ur appreciation. Glad to receive from you Babli.

I would like to pass on to

I am so lucky to meet my another blogger pal ''UJWAL OF UJWAL'S KITCHLAB'' at her home. Same as aparna, she too visited mangalore (her home town) from china. We both had conversation through orkut and decided to meet finally. Me and my daughter had a warm welcome by her mom who was soo frank type and so sweet. The moment smera saw ujwal, she become soo close with her. Had a wonderful talking with them and specially regarding treats there were chakli, chips, pan patholi with choon , brown riced ladoos, salty puffs etc. hmmm so yummy it was. My little one too enjoyed herself. She just love meeting new people around and by now 'Ujwal' and 'Aparna' would have known much better about her :).