Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Nobody can beat my ''Ammumma's'' recipe specially when we come across her lime pickle and that too not as a whole, but only with lemon peel. Yes its the outter most part of the lime. She does for me offen and send it with my parents whenever they visit my place. This recipe is for the people who dont know the rich taste of lemon peel and just throw out after their use. Guys, dont do that any more, because that can be formed into a delicious spicy pickle. So collect them and store it in a bottle. Make sure each piece is applied with salt so that it would remain fresh for more than 2 weeks. I was so glad to prepare her pickle for the first time but, I must say that it did not turned as tasty as my granny did. None of us can equally or match our recipe with our granny's recipe. True right? The spicyness and the tangy flavour of lime is just outstanding that I have it as it is. Also you can feel the crunchness of ginger and green chilli on every bite. Its too good with curd rice and a best compliment with idlies and dosas too. Do try this for sure.


1 Cup Cutted outter layer lime ( each piece can be cutted into 4)

1/4 Chopped Ginger.

5 tbsp Chopped Green chilli.

4 to 5 tbsp Chilli powder.

1 tsp Vinegar.

1/4 Cup Gingilly Oil.

Hing as per required.

Salt to taste.


Heat oil in non stick kadai. Add cutted lime with dash of salt and stir for a min followed by ginger and green chilli.

Stir the mixture till the lime piece becomes tender. Add chilli powder, hing and salt as per required. At the time of removing from flame add vinegar and mix then thoroughly. Transfer them in a dry cleaned container jars.


Monday, November 16, 2009


Basil (tulsi) the 'king of herbs' is one of the stronge flavourful herb . Its medicinal value improves the efficiency of kidney, to treat insect bites, reduces the cholesterol content in the arteries, relief from cold , asthma and so many. Before I was just unknown of the food adding basil as a main ingredient until I visited US and had food at Thai restaurent. From that day Thai cuisine had become our favourites and specially my kiddo, just love to have her favourite basil chicken. We always order Pineapple fried rice with basil chicken. I was very much inspired to prepare the same into my kitchen. My first trial basil chicken had succesfully end up with yummy and flavourful comfort meal. Yummm ..feel like having now :( . The flavour of the fresh basil and fish sause is just unbeleivable. Guys, its a must recipe to try. Chicken can be substituted with minced pork or turkey or beef or any type of seafood. It just tastes the same.


1 lb Minced Chicken.

1 Cup Fresh Basil.

2 Chopped Onions.

10 Pods of Garlic.

1 Long Sliced Capsicum.

3 Slit Green Chillies.

2 Kaffir lime leaves.

1 tsp Black Soy Sause.

2 tbsp Fish Sause.

1 tbps Oil.

Salt and pepper to taste.


Clean and drain only the basil leaves. Discard stem.

Heat oil in a wide pan. Add the garlic, followed by the chopped onion, sliced capsicum with a pinch of salt. Make sure dont over cook as it must be a bit crispy. Later add the minced chicken, green chilli and stir fry for few mintues until the colour of the chicken changes. Close with a lid and allow it to cook.

When the chicken is cooked, add kaffir leaves, soy sause and fish sause and saute so that the mixture is fully covered with sauses. When its done add the chopped basil and stir fry for another few min until the basil is wilted. Sprinkle with a dash of pepper and serve hot.


November 5 was a special day I enjoyed to my fullest. First thing - my parents had a visit to my place and had a nice joyful time having my mom's homemade prepared goodies. It was awesome. Secondly I met one of my fav blogger pal ''APARNA OF APSKITCHEN''. She came to mangalore for a vacation. Instead we are orkut friends tooo. So through scrapping and conversation finally decided to meet. I was so excited when I invited her to my home. Had a wonderful time. Also we had been for shopping and ended our day going to Mangalore's best 'Ideal icecream' parlour. I must say she was soo cute and beautiful on her looks, her talking were soo interesting that I dont know how our time flewed. It was too good to meet her that I just cannot express how sweet and memorable those moments are :).


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I am not soo crazy of burritos but like to have for a change rarely. I had lots of veggies in small amount also leftover batter of batura. So decided to try my version of burritos :) I just stir fried all the veggies and wrapped it with chappati or tortillas. Believe me its a perfect snack, filling and healthy. Can also be considered as an breakfast item. Filling can be upto ur choice. Its soo nutritous specially for kids and they would love them if extra cheese is also added. Make sure just before serving, micro for 1 min till cheese melt. Gives a cheesyy flavour. Its yum. Here how I prepared..


1 Cup Veggies ( I used onions, red and green bellpeppers, mushrooms, shredded cabbage)

1 tsp Butter.

Any Pickle.

Ranch, Chilli sause and Mustard sause as per taste.

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Cheese (0ptional)

Sour cream (optional)


Prepare the chappaties or tortillas. Keep it aside.

In a pan, add butter and all the veggies with salt and pepper and saute for a while till its half cooked. Allow the mixture to cool.

To one chappathi, place some filling , then pickles followed by the Ranch , Chilli sause and Mustard sause as per taste and wrap it up from both sides.

Garnish with sour cream or with ur favourites.