Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yuppyyyy...Here comes my century post, also celebrating my 1 st anniversary of my blog on a same day. Frankly speaking I really feel proud :). May 5th, the day I started my own food blog and entered blogging world. It had been soo exciting and fun year participating many events, visiting many talented blogs, etc etc. Through this, I earned lots and lots of love and support from many blogger friends. Blogging has become an important activity along with the other chores. With a great encourgement and positive feedback of one of my close blogger friend ''BHARATHY'' and a huge support from my loving hubby ''RAJESH'', I could possibilly start my blog. Later with sweet comments and appreciation from all you guys, my close friends which is a sole reason, motivated me to continue my blogging journey till today. Thanks all once again for your love and support and hope this will remain always. I truly appreciate. Special thanks and love to my ''AMMA'' too. Everytime when I post new recipe, she surly does suggest her comments while chatting :)

On this special day, I would like to treat you all with simple, delicious and delightful ''AAM RAS''. Its soo simple that at anytime, you can prepare within no minute. I am not giving specific measurement. You can add more or less depending on what you like. Try adding fruits into aam ras to make ''Mango Flavoured Fruit Salad''. Its very yummy.

Mango pulp.



Cardamom powder.



Beat everthing into the blender for about 20 sec.

Serve chill. Make it more attractive garnishing with fresh strawberry.

''SUDESHNA'' have showred me with tons of awards. Thanks a lot dear. So happy to receive from you. They are ''BLOGGING WITH A PURPOSE AWARD'', '' FRIENDS AWARD'', ''YUM YUM BLOG AWARD'', ''360 FOODIE AWARD'', ''A PERFECT BLEND OF FRIENDSHIP AWARD'', ''KREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD'', ''GREAT BUDDY AWARD'', ''I'M A CHOCOHOLIC AWARD'', ''BUTTERFLY AWARD'' AND ''GOOD JOB AWARD''.
Friends, We are in process of moving to India permanently within next 2 weeks. So my upcoming days will be really hectic and busy with shopping, packing, selling my furnitures and mainly cleaning my apartments before we leave. On this special day, I am ending up my last post in US and will be back once I settle down in Mangalore. Till then, will miss you all and dont forget to miss me tooo :)

Our friends organised one send off party for us last weekend. Thats soo sweet of them na? We truly enjoyed the day chatting, playing games, watching adorable kid's play together and finally the food, oh man! that was just heavenly. I would grade it as ''A PLUS''.
I did not get a chance to click on all the items together because, few of them were on process :). We all were soo tempted to taste the food that we already started digging into it. Luckily, I tried my best to have atleast one snap. Because I knew, if I waited further, then there wont be any use clicking a snap later. So herez the click of half menu items on the table. So now all can guess what a wonderful yummy feast I have experienced. Lucky me right?
Thank you soo much guys for making our day very special. You all are the best. It was a lovly evening.