Monday, November 10, 2014


Rontos is the famous breakfast item for konkani's. Looks exactly like puri right but therez lots of difference in preparing it. Rontos is usually made with rice flourand it requires a presser to flatten it evenly. Make sure you place the ball between 2 plastic greased covers. We press it with the help of normal steel small plate ;) Infact this the item where you can also fry it previous night and can be served the next day mor for breakfast. It should be served with Daali toy. Its nothing but the tadka toor dal cooked along with potato chunks. It taste awesome with any kind of pickle on its side :)


2 Cups Rice flour.

2 tbsp Maida.

1 Plus Cup Water.

Salt to taste.

Oil for spreading.

Oil for deep fry.


First keep water for boiling. Meanwhile mix rice flour and salt in a bowl and keep aside.

Once water gets boiled, pour that into the flour and mix them nicly with the help of spatula. It will come to the stage of dough consistency. Allow it to rest for 15 min. Now grease ur palm and knead the dough.

Make into small ball. Place that ball on the greased plastic sheet and upon that cover with another greased plastic sheet and then flatten it using presser or might be with the small plate. Deep fry them until cooked on both the sides.

Serve with Daali toy and nonche :)