Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Dahi chaat is my little ones favourite chaat and this is somthing that I have enjoyed having alot. Its delicious and addictive ;). On one bite, you get different flavours like tangy, sweet, salty and spicy. Its cooling at the same time.


10 Readymade Puris or hommade the best :)

1 Big Boiled Potatoes.

1/4 Cup Moong sprouts.

1 tsp Chilly powder.

1 tsp Jeera pd.

Few Coriander leaves.

Sweet chutney as required

Green chutney (optional)

Chaat Masala.

Sev for garnishing

Black Salt to taste.


2 Cups Dahi

3 tbsp Sugar.

Jeera pd to sprinkle

Chaat pd to sprinkle

Pinch of black salt.


Mash potatoes and add sprouted green moong, coriander leaves, chilli pd, jeera pd and salt. Place them aside.

In a blender, add all the ingredients given above for making dahi mixture. Transfer them into small cup or glasses and keep aside.

Now the fun part comes. Crack the top part of the puris with our fingers or spoon. Add the 1 to 2 tsp of  boiled potato mixture in the puris. Then add sweet chutney, green chutney according to ur taste and finally sprinkle sev on top. Place them on a plate. Sidly place the dahi filled cup.

At the time of serving pour dahi into the puris and if u like chaat on top, sprinkle a bit and put it into your mouth immediately ;)



Hamaree Rasoi said...

Tasty and tangy looking chaat. Simply droolworthy.