Friday, January 11, 2013


Phenori or Chirotis are sweets that are very similar with badushas but not at all similar to the method of making it. These are the crispy layered type mini puries which is either dipped in sugar sypur or just sprinkled with powdered sugar. Phenories can be stored nearly for 15 days in a airtight containers. Its been long time since I have bookmarked this recipe and here finally I made it :) I remember this having on a wedding occasion at bglore where it was served along with badam milk. Waooo that was heavenly. This a must try for sweet lovers ;)


1/2 Cup Maida.

3 Tsp Ghee.

Pinch of salt.

Rice flour just to sprinkle.

Water as needed.

1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar.

1/2 Tsp Cardamom pd.

Oil for deep fry.


In a bowl, mix maida, salt with 1 tsp of melted ghee. Kned it well adding required amount of water to make a soft dough. Allow the mixture covered and let it rest for about 1/2 hour. Then make atleast 5 balls on this dough. Roll out these into very thin chappaties. Now the fun part. Keep one chappati on a board. Apply ghee and sprinkle some rice flour over. Keep the next chappti on the first one, slightly facing downwards. Make sure it does not cover fully. Repeat the process stack up all 5 chappati. Now roll them like a swiss roll. Slice the roll into 2 inch size piece and slightly press to flatten to make a mini puri. Deep fry them till its cooked on both the sides. As soon as u drop them on a plate, sprinkle with some powdered cardamom sugar and serve.

Enjoy !!


Priya said...

Very tempting and delectable sweets,love to have some.

Suma Rajesh said...

:) thanks dear priyaa...