Monday, May 5, 2008


Shrikhand is the traditional gujarati dessert served chilled in most of the gujarati thali. It is actually served with garama garam puries. One day v had a visit to our friend's place where v tasted shrikhand and from that day it has become our favorite dish. My hubby often does this at home. So enjoy chilled shrikhand and try it by your own.


200ml yogurt.

220gm powdered sugar.

1tsp saffron strands.

1/2tsp cardamom powder.

For garnish:

Dry fruits as per ur choice. (If Badam is used, it is always better to soak into water for few min)


Tie yogurt in a clean muslin cloth overnight. Discard the whey.

Soak saffron in the milk approximately for 15 min or until it dissolves.

Place the yogurt in bowl and add sugar and beat until blended. Add saffron too.

Last but not the least add cardamom powder and garnish with ur favorite shredded dry fruits.


Nanditha Prabhu said...

suma , welcome aboard...
shrikhand sounds easy to make ... will try for sure....

hoping to see more recipes here:)

ranji said...

hi suma!!wecome to the food blogging community...really happy abt it:)....really nice way to start...but i since i am not fond of curd i havent eaten shrikand in my life..but my hubby would definitely love this...will make it for him!!!:)..will chk regularly now...will add u to my blogroll!!!and add ur site feed to taste of india..ur recipes will get updated as u post them and many other bloggers will come of ur blog and visit is the link..

Soumya said...

Hey Suma..Gr8 Attempt!!Nice to c this foody blog!!;)

Suma Rajesh said...

its very simple....u make it any time if theres thick curd...

me too happy to start my blog....just taught of giving a trial...thanks for the imformation regarding taste of india u have give but they will update my post only after 2 months

thanks u so much ...keep visiting my blog

Roopa said...

Hi Suma:) Very nice seeing you here :) Ranji told me about you:) Thanks a lot for commenting on my blog , will surely visit yours:) Shrikhand is a must try as my husband loves curd a lot!

Suma Rajesh said...

Tnaks roopa....welcome to my blog tooo

ranji said...

hey suma!!!i am making this tomo as dessert for a get together here:)...chk mail