Monday, May 12, 2008


My daughter Smera is a mushroom lover so as me and my hubby. Mushroom is very easy to saute and nutrients to just about anything. There are many types of mushrooms, out of which I like button mushrooms the best and can be enjoyed in so many different types of recipes. I love mushroom soup which I hope u guys are also gonna luv it.


2 cups chopped mushrooms.
1 cup milk or cream.
2 tsp unsalted butter.
1/2 chopped onion.
3 pods of garlic.
Salt and pepper to taste.


Few chopped mushroom.
Coriander leaves.


Heat 1 tsp of unsalted butter. Add garlic, chopped onion, mushroom and salt one at a time and saute till mushrooms are cooked. Allow to cool.
Grind the mixture along with milk.
Heat remaining unsalted butter and fry the rest of the chopped mushroom for few sec. Put the grounded mixture to the fried mushroom. Bring to boil. Add salt and pepper according to taste.
Garnish with coriander and serve hot.


ranji said...

I too am a mushroom lover suma!!this is soooo simple and delicious!!...very healthy too:) many recipes to try:)

Uma said...

the soup looks so refreshing, Suma! Your daughter's name is too cute!

Asha said...

I love roasted Mushroom soup too, looks great Suma.
Oh, you are in CA. New or not, you are a desi now!:D
I see you have got 2 little kids, cute. Mine are very grown up! Have you seen my main blog "Foodie's Hope"? You can see my kids and me there, I have linked to few birthday photos!:)

Suma Rajesh said...

i know u too a mushroom lover...try this u will surly like it...

thanks a lot ...

well said asha...enjoyed watching ur pictures...u look pretty huh and i really liked the scenic place where the pic took infront of ur the way i have only one kid.. the one ur saying is my cousine sister nanditha ....u can c my family on the right side with one small baby gal...keep visiting my blog asha...

Nanditha Prabhu said...

wow ! suma this looks yum...

Roopa said...

I liked your daughter's name "smera" :) Mushroom is my favorite too :) I havent tried it in variety of dishes other than fried rice , biriyani etc...I had prepared a mixed veggie soup once, but I prefer the cream of mushroom and yours look exactly that type:) I use to crave for such soups when I had a bad throat or fever, it just looks so homely :)