Monday, July 2, 2018


Fruit payasam is unique and very delicious and also a quick way to end up leftover fruits. The ingredients are of the same as you prepare for normal basic payasam. Adding coconut milk gives the payasam a special richness so, that's must. This was a great idea from my hubby R and he himself prepared it which was too tasty and too yummy as its filled with different types of fruits :) As always I repeat and proud to say my hubby R is one of my inspiration and always will be :) mu aah !

NOTE: Dissolve the jaggery pieces in required amount of water and boil them and filter it to remove the impurities. You can refrigerate for about 1 month or more and can be used whenever required :)


1 1/2 Cup cutted Fruits (Yellow banana, Ripe Plaintain, Apple, Mangoes, Black grapes )

1/2 Cup Thick Coconut milk

1 Cup Second extract coconut milk

1/2 Cup Jaggery extract ( more or less )

Pinch of elachi powder

Fried dry fruits (optional)

In a kadai, add all types of cutted fruits, with a cup of second extracted coconut milk. Allow the fruits to cook till it becomes tender and release its own flavour. Then add jaggery extract and mix well. Now finally add the thick coconut milk and cardamom powder and switch off the flame. Make sure you don't boil after adding coconut milk. Garnish with fried dry fruits if needed and serve hot.