Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Pizza are the one that attracts specially kids :) Here I have used my creativity to finish up off my leftover foodies just like the way kids loves and also something unique for adults as well:) I had leftover chappati and curry so ended up preparing and making in a pizza model which was a superhit dish for my little one :) This is the best way to impress and attract kids to have healthy food. The best in their own way ;)
There no particular measurement for this. Add more or less according to your choices :)


Leftover Chappati
Leftover Peas curry or any other curry (thick )
Tomato ketchup
Red chilly flakes.
Cheese slices or Mozarella cheese
Onion slices
Capsicum slices (optional)


Place one chappati on a plate. Spread tomato ketchup and above that place another chappati followed by spreading ketchup again. Upon that spread the curry, onion slices, capsicum and red chilly flakes. Cover them with sliced cheese or shredded cheese and micro till the cheese melts on top.

Serve hot