Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Blonde cucumbers are one of the unique cucumbers which have creamy greeny yellowish skin. These are amazing. refreshing and healthy. The tender flesh inside tastes slight sweet with delicate flavour.
Chimbad is what we call in konkani. Normally in  Kerala we eat this fruit along with grated coconut and jaggery where some grind this along with milk and sugar and make a drink.

In this recipe I have grinded the fruit with coconut and jaggery along with milk that ended up with thick yummy smoothie. The flavour of elachi and the bits of coconut texture is just outstanding. Its the best drink on summer.


2 Cups Sliced Blonde cucumber.

3/4 Cup Grated Coconut.

1/2 Cup  Grated Jaggery or Honey as required.

2 Crushed Elachi.

1 Cup Chilled Milk.


Peel of the chimbad skin and separate it from the flesh. Remove the seeds and chop them roughly.
Blend all the ingredients into the mixer for about 3 min and until smooth.
Serve chill.