Sunday, January 10, 2016


Just like we prepared mango curry or ambe umman in konkani style, my motherinlaw prepared using orange skin which turns really good. Infact its peel is very helpful in reducing the chances of constipation, reduces heartburn, and mainly high in fiber content which helps in weight loss. Now coming back with recipe, in this curry, you can feel the taste of slight bitterness of the peel, its sweet, sour and spicy due to the addition of crushed pepper. Not most of the people would love this but if possible do give it a try :)


2 Orange skin

1 Cup Jaggery.

2 tbsp Raw Rice.

3 Dried Red chillies.

1 tbsp Crushed Black peppercorns.

1 tsp Mustard seeds.

1 tbsp Urad dal

1 tsp Jeera.

Few Curry leaves.

1 tbsp Coconut oil.

Salt a pinch.

Water nearly 2 cups or plus.


Firstly soak rice nearly for 40 min. In a pan dry fry dried red chilli and peppercorns separately. Make sure it does not burnt. Now blend the soaked rice with dried fried red chilly. Add water as per needed. Finally add the peppercorns and give a quick grind so that its not finely powdered but like a crushed process. Keep it aside.
Meanwhile wash orange skin thoroughly and cut them into medium size. Place them into cooking vessel with adequate water. Put Jaggery piece and allow it to sit for about half an hour. This will make jaggery melts soon.Later bring them to boil and Sim until the orange peel are well cooked. Then add the blended mixture and stir adding a pinch of salt according to taste. Remove from flame.
Last but not the least. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds followed by jeera, urad dal and curry leaves. Fry them and pour it on to the orange skin curry.

Serve hot hot.



Vandana Rajesh said...

Have never tried an orange peel curry suma, looks yummy.