Sunday, August 23, 2015


This is one of the surprising recipe for kids. No doubt they will adore it. The patterns that emerge on these eggs makes quite attractive.The marble effects is due to the breaking of membrane and the colour is due to the addition of tea powder. If you want the eggs to be extra flavourful, then you can add anise or cinnamon in boiling water. Some people add dark soya sause for deeper colour but I want to maintain the flavour of normal boiling egg, so I kept it simple adding tea powder with very mild taste.


1 Egg

1 tsp Tea powder

1 Cup Water

Pinch of Salt


Wash the egg first. Take a vessel filled with water. Put salt and place egg for boiling. Let it boil for few minutes. Now take a spoon and crack the shells as many as you can. But make sure the shell does not come out fully. Once its cracked, add tea powder and boil for a sec. Then reduce the flame for another 2 min and switch off. When its cool, gently break the shells from egg.

Serve sliced, halved or quartered.