Thursday, August 6, 2015


Perfect and simple traditional kerala style breakfast tastes heavenly. In this recipe the ripe plantain is chopped into small pieces and put it into the puttu maker or into the puttu cup after adding grated coconut. This was prepared by my aunt during my vacation visit to Mumbai at her place. This can be served as such or with sugar and milk too. The puttu used in this recipe is chemba rice puttu . I loved the way it looked sooo cute ;)

People who don't have puttu maker, no worries guys, you can try making same procedure using idly mould too. Shape might differ but tastes equally good.


1 Cup Puttu powder.

Water as needed.

2 Ripe Plantain.

Fresh grated Coconut.

1 tbsp Sugar (optional)

Salt to taste.


In a big bowl, add puttu powder, salt, sugar and mix well. Now add water  little by little and mix well with ur hands. This will form into crumbs and at the same time should be moist. It should form into tight ball when you hold it and when you press little more harder, it should crumble. Make sure no lumps is formed. If there is, then just blend into a mixer for a min and take out.

Now take a cup puttu maker. First add coconut and then top them with sliced plantain and rest fill them with puttu mixture. At the end if you need again to place banana, then layer again with banana and end up added grated coconut on top. Now carefully place it over the pressure cooker and steam for about 7 to 8 min or until puttu is cooked. When its done, flip it and serve hot hot.