Tuesday, June 30, 2015


These are the yummy phodies prepared of breadfruit. We can even deep fry or shallow fry these phodies. This has a nice colour and crispy chewy texture which is served as side dish for lunch or as a evening snack too. In this recipe, the veggie is marinated with the dryish batter and later its deep fry ed.


10 Slices of thin Breadfruit.

1/2 Cup Rice.

5 Dry Kashmiri Chilli.

1/2 tsp of Tamarind paste.

Pinch of Hing.

Salt to taste.

Oil for deep fry.


Soak rice for half an hour. Meanwhile cut the breadfruit into thin slice and immerse them in water.

Now steam the pieces for 5 min and keep aside.

Once the rice is soaked for half an hour, grind all the ingredients together except oil adding very less water. The consistency should be thick so that it gets coated overall to the breadfruit pieces. Adjust salt.

Heat oil in a pan for deep fry. Take each breadfruit pieces and dip into the batter. Make sure the pieces are fully covered . Drop them in oil carefully and deep fry in oil until crisp.  (take them out when the oil stops its bubbling)