Saturday, August 9, 2014


Whenever I visit supermarket, I surly have a look at makhana but never dared to tried that. But this time, when I went on my vacation to mumbai, I gave it a try :) which made me surprised why did I wasted such a long years for not using such a yummy ingredient? It was fab and something different from daily old payasam or kheer.

Makhana is rich in protein,calcium and have significant medicinal value. When its cooked in creamy milk it becomes very soft and just melts in mouth. This kheer is offen prepared during navarathri festival and also specially made for fasting days.


2 plus 1/4 Cup Lotus seeds

1 Liter Milk.

1/2 Cup Sugar or more.

1/4 Cup water.

1 tsp Cardamom pd.

3 tbsp Ghee.

Dry Fruits.


In a pressure cooker, add milk, water and sugar. Once it gets boiled, Put whistle and sim for about half and hour. This method thickens milk, changes the colour and gives you nice condensed flavour. Keep it aside.

I an pan, add 2 tbsp of ghee and fry the seeds till its crunchy and crisp. Allow them to cool. Keep half of the fried seeds as a whole and grind the remaining seeds coarsely in a mixer.

Heat 1 tbsp of ghee, fry the dry fruits and keep them aside. In a same pan add the pressured mil. Bring them to boil for about 10 min so that it gets reduced a bit. Add both the fried lotus seeds and coarsely grinded lotus seeds and saute for another 10 min. This stage the consistency will thicken. Remove from flame and Sprinkle cardamom pd and top with fried dry friuits and serve hot.


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