Saturday, August 2, 2014


Its rainy season now. So taught of posting something interesting and unique one which is very useful during this season. Yes a home made medicine which is good and effective for both adults and kids. The main ingredient for this is the Tulsi. Tulsi or holy basil is one of the most reverted plant in Hinduism which is easy to grow on a windowsill. People use this herb for cooking purpose which gives you a nice and strong  flavour. It has the medicinal purpose which helps to relieve stomach ace, stress relief and many more and is very good for cough  if having with a drop of honey. Not only this, most of the people use the fresh leaves to rub on a mosquito bites to relieve discomforts.

Now coming back with the post, therez one more leaves named ''Panikoorka'' which is also the natural herb used specifically for kids who has stomach ace or intestinal worms. Its very good for treat chest conjection, people suffering from asthma, for cold, cough etc etc. I remember on my childhood days, my mom used to make Panikoorka fritters as a evening snacks. But I have very rarly as I dont used to like its smell :( ........Now being a mom, I wanted my kid to have as its very good for the health with lots of medicinal value in it. Happy to say my kid have it if I say its good for ur health. :) :)

I prepare this most of the time when my kid suffers from cold and cough. In fact she loves to have offen as its sweet and of attractive colour :). If u have ready fresh leaves available then do try this once because it acts very fast to boost the immune system. Therez no exact measurement for this. Can add more or less accordingly.


Handful of Tulsi.

3 Leaves of Panikoorki.

Small piece of Ginger.

Pinch of ajwain.

Honey as per taste.

Drop of lime juice.

Water just to grind


Grind all the ingredients except honey. Strain it in a bowl. Add honey and lime juice. Have 2 tsp of this mix 4 to 5 times a day. Continue having for 2 days and see the positive reaction.



Priya Suresh said...

Fantastic homemade remedy..