Saturday, August 23, 2008


The delicious dish from South India are relished all over country and abroad. We all know, idly and dosa are served mainly with sambar ,chutney and also with vada and its the common dish also in sri lanka cuisine. There meals are served traditionally on banana leaf which I like the most. My family luvs this recipe and not only that, but also likes the size of idlies which are the mini ones. Its something different and also a variety for kids too. They will just lov them.


2 cups rice.

1 cup urad dal.

1/2 tsp methi seeds.


These 3 ingredient must be soaked in water atleast for 5 hours. The dal and the rice should be grounded into fine paste separatly and are allowed to ferment overnight until it expand double the size of its original volume. Next day the batter is put into oil greased molds of idly tray for steaming. Serve hot Idies with sambhar. You can also have idlies soaked in sambar for a while and can have it as a snack too.

The sambar recipe which I prepared is very simple and is done within no time. It tastes really good when the spices are fried in oil and gives a nice aroma.


1/2 cup Toor dal.

1/2 cup Moong dal.

1 big Onion.

1 big Tomato.

2 tbs sambar powder.

1/2 tsp turmeric powder.

1/2 tsp chilli powder.

1/2 tsp tamarind extract.

8-10 pearl onions.

salt to taste.

For seasoning.

2tsp mustard seeds.

1 tsp jeera or cumin.

2 dry red chilly.

Few curry leaves.

For granish.

Coriander leaves.


Pressure cook toordal,moong dal along with chopped onion,tomato ,turmeric,chilly powder& salt.

Heat oil add splutter mustard seeds , jeera , curry leaves and dried red chilly . Add pearl onions and saute till it becomes tender.

Next steps add sambar powder and fry for few min until u get a nice aroma . Add cooked dal mixture at the end, and salt to taste.

Garnish with corinder leaves.

I am gonna send this to WBB-combo breakfast hosted by Latha.



Cham said...

Ur ratio for idli is totally different than mine :) I love mini idlis :)

Laavanya said...

I simply love this dish.. with a drizzle of ghee on top it's the best! :)

Divya Vikram said...

Mini idlies look awesome Suma..I love to have them with sambhar n ghee..Heavenly!!

priar's, said...

mini idlis r cute suma...gr8 entry

Dibs said...

So cute! I know them by the name of 'bullet idlis'. Do you need a special idli plate for this, or just use the usual one with less batter?

david santos said...

Great menu and good food.
Thank you.

Sireesha said...

Mini idlis are cute suma......Its my all time favorite breakfast....

Hima said...

We just had it yesterday!! My husband is a big fan of idlies where as I hate them... :-(

I am hosting an event called Sunday snacks, please see if you can send in something for that too..

meeso said...

They are so cute when they are little like that :) It all looks good!!!

Priti said...

Mini idli and sambar looking yummy...:)

Jeena said...

This looks so good suma I love this recipe!

Suma Rajesh said...

my mom's ratio is 3:1..but i do 2:1...its soft too...

Lavanya,Divya vikram
will try next time adding ghee..thanks for the yummy tips..

thank u ...

Never heard of bullet idies...for this mini idlies u get a saperate mini idly mould..

Welcome david..glad tht u appreciate our indian food..

Sireesha, Meeco ,Priti
Thank u gals..

On liking of idlies, it seems u both are opposites huh?..will surly check ur blog regarding ur event.

Uma said...

It's breakfast time for me and I want those mini idlis and sambar! They just look lovely Suma! Great entry.

notyet100 said...

feelin hungry,..:-)

Cynthia said...

Your sambar looks thick, creamy, spicy and delicious!

Yasmeen said...

Nice pick for breakfast combo suma. I love idli sambar combination.
I have an award waiting for you at my blog.

delhibelle said...

idlis are adorable, and the sambhar looks spicy and tasty

Suma Rajesh said...

Jeena, Notyet100, cynthia, delhibelle,
Thank u so much..

Sure uma...its for u..ur welcome...

Thanks for the award dear.


i too knw them as bullet idlis .. looks lovely suma.

Paru ... said...


Your idli's look super soft..and sambhar looks yumm..What a coincidence we both made and posted idlis:)..Looks lovely

Sameera.. said...

Yumm looking idlis :)
Both "S" and I are biiig south indian food fans :)
Will try these next time I make some south indian food
Best Rgds,
Sam !

Usha said...

This looks so cute and delicious :)

Madhavi said...

WOWWW Idli look so cutie pie :))) mouth-drooling entry!!!!

Sujatha said...

these are my daughter's favorites.. Looks delicious!

Suma Rajesh said...

Vegetable platter, Usha, Sameera, Madhavi, Paru, Sujatha
Thanks a lot for the lovly comments..nice to know everyone's fav is this..

Nidhi said...

Mini idlies look lovely Suma. Your sambhar has such a lovely color to it. Though mini idlies differ from the normal big ones only in size...Somehow I like the small ones more.

Bharathy said...

My husband and chidren are a die hard fan of these mini idlies soaked in Sambhar!..
He would just lovethe texture which you have here..rough surface and soft inside.. :) lovely! suma..

Swati said...

At my home we all love the mini idlis..with chutney or sambhar... they look lovely...sambhar look yummy!

Suma Rajesh said...

Nidhi , Bharathy,
Thanks a lot..

Suma Rajesh said...

Thanks dear.. v too luv them a lot.

Rajani said...

i love mini idlis, specially the fried ones sprinkled with chutney pdr!