Thursday, September 3, 2015


Hurray !!!!! Just like my 100th and 200th post, I knew I would jump into my 300th post some or the other day and today is that special day :) I am really very happy and excited that I have done something which I owned as a passion. I am extremely thankful for my loving family which is a sole reason and my dear friends specially my facebook pals ;) who have supported and motivated me with there likes and encouraging comments. For that I am gratefully Thank you :) Looking forward for the same together over the upcoming year.

On this wonderful day, I wanted to post and present a mini sweet delight which looks quite colourful and at the same time attractive, tempting and heavenly. Its fully loaded with fruits and nuts and every one's favourite ice creams. In this dish, there's no specific measurement as you can add more or less depending to your taste buds.

Take a serving glass. Add the first layer of strawberry pudding or jelly whatever you like. Then top them with fruits and dry fruits. ( I used bananas, apple, cherry and green grapes). Above that I have kept chocolate sponge cake. In between the layers, try to drop in chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce to get a royal look ;) Upon that a scoop of vanilla ice cream or any other flavour. Lastly garnish with fresh fruits and nuts, and drizzle both the sauces or with your favourite toppings.
Tempting colourful delight is ready to serve :)