Friday, April 17, 2015


Curry leaves are widely used in South Indian cuisine. It has its unique flavour and has lots of medicinal benefits but unfortunately many people throw it off. Addition of curry leaves in your daily diet is good for your health. So here's the best way to utilise the main ingredient is to prepare the chutney powder of curry leaves. I like them having with idlies with a touch of oil and also tastes fab with hot steamed rice.


1 Cup Curry leaves. (Washed and dry ed well)

2 tbsp Urad dal.

2 tbsp Toor dal.

2 tbsp Channa dal.

2 tbsp Coriander seeds.

2 tsp Jeera.

3 Red chillies.  (can add more or less)

1 tsp Pepper corns.
Pinch of Hing

Pinch of Amchur pd.

Salt to taste.


Dry roast curry leaves and keep it aside. The leaves should be crunchy in such a way that it should break when you crush them with your fingers.

Dry roast rest of the ingredients separately. Make sure the dal turns golden brown. Let it cool. Now grind red chillies, pepper and jeera first followed by curry leaves along with salt, amchur pd and hing. Grind them all a bit coarsely.

Keep them in airtight container.



Emmanuel said...

God bless you!

deeps said...

thats a tasty sub for curries