Tuesday, August 9, 2011


One of my fav sweet are the Rasgullas with a cute look also with the extra soft texture. My mom always buy this for me on my b day right from my childhood. I am just crazy of rasgullas. Muaaah

Once when my friend intended that hez gonna try rasgullas referring one site which he forwarded to me through mail, I felt sooo excited because that site belonged to none other than one of my fav blogger ''Raks kitchen''. I have tried so many recipe of her that I have no words to express about her cooking. U just rock rak's :) I will always be ur fan yaar.

Now back to the recipe, today being my fatherinlaw's b day who is a dessert lover, I prepared this yummious awesome dish. Really guys, I never dreamt about this making at home. I must say it was just perfect and was according to my expectation. For the recipe click 'here'. I must really thank raks a ton for this :) Thank u Raks. Lots of hugs to u dear :)