Friday, June 11, 2010


Anything with egg is my favourite. So one day with a idea of my hubby, tried making an omelet with simple stuffing. Stuffing can be of any type. Its upon to you. It can be like adding veggies or with addition of cooked meat or with the combo of mushroom and corns with a touch of Indian spice or with any Italian ingredients. Also adding cheese, will be perfect for kids. It gives a creamy texture. Anything, any combo will taste good with egg. Here I just ended up sauteing veggie with simple salt and pepper. I make this for dinner whenever we feel like having simple, easy and quick khana. Its light, filling and super duper in taste. Do try this awesome recipe.


2 Eggs.

2 tsp Milk.

1 Chopped Onions.

4 tbsp Chopped Capsicum.

4 tbsp Grated Carrots.

1/4 Cup Frozen Peas.

1 tsp Butter.

Salt and Pepper to taste.


Heat butter in a kadai. Add onions, capsicum, carrots, peas with salt and saute till its half cooked. Add pepper finally. Keep it a side.

In a mixing bowl, beat both the eggs and milk together with a fork. Add salt to taste.

Later place a skillet on flame. Add butter and pour in the egg mixture and spread them evenly.

Let it cook under low flame. Sprinkle extra pepper if needed. Loosen omelet edges with a help of a spatula. Later place 2 to 3 spoonful of stuffing on one side and cover the masala with other side of omelet.

Place them carefully on a plate and serve hot hot.

Enjoy !!


Asha said...

Great idea to stuff Omelet, two in one! :)

Priti said...

Gr8 idea Suma..real filling ...looks yum too..

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Great recipe. Looks so delish. YUM! So filling.

Kiran said...

Nice and healthy dinner Suma.

I wouls like to let you know that I started an event cooking with wholegrains:barley.Would love to see your delicious entries.

Roopa said...

arrey wah, super omelete suma :) I love such variations :)

Valarmathi said...

Nice idea Suma, omelete looks yummy and tempting.

vineetha said...

This looks very tempting..