Monday, November 18, 2019


We konkanies are mad of Patras specially myself ;) I can have it all the time and at any time :)We make Patras using Colacasia leaves. There's is another version of making patra using Pumpkin leaves. Most of the people are not aware that these leaves are edible and are used in preparing various types of dishes.These are not easily available in markets. Most of the people in kerala grow in their own backyard :) So the time I was on my vocation I was lucky enough to taste this delight which equally tastes like normal Patra. Only difference is in this recipe its fry ed one and therez no steaming process.  The batter I have used is the same which I normally use to prepare patravodo. You can get the RECIPE and also the METHOD explained very well by clicking one of my friend cum relative blog :) Click HERE
As I told earlier therez no need of steaming process, though the Pumpkin leaves gets cooked very fastly once its deep fryed. The next step is as the rolls are done, slice the patra carefully applying extra batter on all the sides as shown in the pic below.
Deep fry them on both the sides until slight brown  under low flame.

Serve hot and ENJOY!!


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