Monday, December 14, 2020


Tried a unique version of drink using the combi fruits which is Mango, Sapota and Watermelon :) When you have this drink, you can enjoy the flavoured segments of each fruit which is truly heavenly feel :)
Do try it this healthy fresh smoothie😀 You can try with different fruits as well like Kiwi, Strawberries, Muskmelon etc etc. No doubt kids will tharoughly njoy to the fullest having attractive  delight.

NOTE: Instead of designful serving glass, Please use the Plain normal glass for serving.That looks extra attractive. I did not had that time😐so went with this👇


1 Ripe Mango

Sugar to taste OR Honey

Pinch of Cardamom powder.


Blend all the ingredients till u get a smooth dropping consisitency.


2 Ripe Sweet Sapota

Sugar to taste OR Honey


Blend all the ingredients till u get a smooth dropping consistency


1//2 Cup Watermelon pieces

Sugar to taste OR Honey

Pinch of Lime juice

1 tsp grated Ginger 


Blend all the ingredients till u get a smooth dropping consistency. Strain and keep it aside.


Take a serving glass. Now comes the assembling part. With the help of the spoon pour in the mango  smoothy upto the 1/3 portion. After that gently pour sapota smoothie from the side so that it doesn't get mixed with the first layer. And finally add the watermelon smoothie using another spoon gently in the same way. Now lovely colourful smoothie is ready to serve :)


Sunday, December 13, 2020


Mysore pak originally called as Mysuru paaka which is a very popular sweet dish in the Indian state of Karnataka. This is the sweet dish I have tried many times😫 and finally this method for me was a huge success.💪So lets check how to make kurkure yummy Mysore pak :)


1 Cup Besan

1 Cup Sugar

1 Cup Ghee

3/4 Cup Water

1/2 Cup Sunflower oil

Pinch of Yellow colour. (optional)

1/2 Tsp Baking powder

Firstly Sieve the besan and add baking powder. Mix well. In a kadai, add sugar plus water to make a sugar syrup. Cook till it becomes to one string consistency. Sidely heat ghee and oil in a pan. Then add besan little by little and mix well constantly under low flame. Make sure there should not be any lumps. This is the stage where you add food colour. Once you see small bubbles, add ghee & oil mixture little by little and mix well very carefully. Sidly make sure the ghee is hot. When the besan mixture stops absorbing the ghee, stop adding more. Besan will start appearing puffy and colour will change too, Immediately switch off the flame and drop it into the greased vessel. Spread it without pressing it. Cut it after 2 to 3 min. Allow to cool down and then you can unmould.


Saturday, December 12, 2020


This is one of the traditional seafood of Mangalore. A shallow fryed fish completely coated in spicy and tangy masala paste which can serve with simple steamed rice. I kept it dry in the picture. You can add some more leftover gravy on top if needed 😋😋 You can use any kind of fish :) It tastes equally great :)


Pomfret pieces

1 tbsp Red chilly powder

1 tsp of Turmeric powder

Half of Lime juice

Oil as per to make paste.

Salt to taste.


1 Onion 

1 Ripe Tomato

3 cloves of Garlic

1 tsp Jeera

1 tsp Tamarind extract

7 to 8 Roasted Kashmiri Red chillies

Salt to taste

Water as per needed to make thick paste.


1 chopped Onion

Curry leaves

2 Green chillies Slit

1 tbsp Oil


Wash the fish with turmeric water and patch it dry. Mix the marinating ingredients as below above in a bowl and marinate fish & Refrigerate them for about 30 min. Meanwhile for making the masala, blend all the ingredients will smooth paste. Heat 1 tsp of oil in a tawa and shallow the marinated fish on both the sides. Remove and place them on a plate. Use the same leftover oil for making the rest of the cooking. Add onions, curry leaves and saute till translucent. Now add the grounded masala and fry them well the raw smell disappers. Add green chilly and mix well. Once its cooked, add water and allow the gravy to boil. This is the stage where you add the fryed fish pieces. Now cover with a lid and allow to cook for another 5 min under medium flame. Add few more fresh curry leaves on top before serving :)

Enjoy hot hot!! 

Friday, December 11, 2020


This is the tried recipe from 👍 Thanks for sharing this osm recipe :) This pudding tasted super simple, light and soo delicious that this has became one of our family favourite delight. I followed the same instruction as per given except the cooking process. Instead of steaming, I used Baking process. In a preheated oven, I kept it on a pan, filled with hot water and baked for half an hour under 180 degree 😍

For the recipe please click HERE


Thursday, December 10, 2020


Oats dosa is super crispy and healthy which can be preparated in Jiffy using simple ingredients. The onion bite with a flavour of ginger and green chilli is soo yum. Guys, dont go with the looks of my dosa 😛 because the method of pouring batter on the tawa am learning still 😁hehe. I served this crispy dosa with green chutney and sambar.


3/4 Cup Roasted and Powdered Oats

1/2 Cup Rice flour

1/2 Cup Wheat flour or Rava

1 tsp Grated Ginger

2 Chopped Green chilly

1 Chopped Onion

Few Chopped Curry leaves

Few Chopped Coriander leaves (optional)

Salt to taste.

2 1/2 Cup Water nearly ( Batter should be watery )


In a bowl, Add all the ingredients one by one and mix well. Dilute with water and allow to rest for half an hour. Heat a nonstick taw. Give the batter a quick mix and then pour it on the tawa to make a dosa. Sprinkle oil and let it cook under medium flame. When the dosa becomes golden brown, do a fold and transfer it on a serving plate. Enjoy having with ur favourite dip :)